Liteon 411s - artifacts on standalone

i have a 411s liteon running the fsoj firmware. my problem is that if i write discs at 4x, a lot of em end up with artifacts from about half way thru and stuttering sound and picture. it is a toshiba sd220e. the lastest media i am using is pio-data 4x dvd-r g04. using k-probe on a couple of the discs ive had probs with, the errors average around 30 with a max of 50, and hardley any errors on the other scale. (ie a very well burnt disc) so what could be causing this.

you end up with coloured blocks and symbols popping up on the picture which gradually gets worse, then the sounds starts to break up. when i write em at 2x, they are fine even though the k-probe scan is noticeably worse than 4x???

any ideas?

I dont trust the kprobe,it always gives my readings of 400 on pi and up and minimal on po and i never get stutters or freezes even when the readings go to 1200,sounds more like a media problem that your dvd player is having.

How much compression did you use to get the double layer disc to fit on a single layer disc? (If this is what you did.)

Originally posted by dhc014
How much compression did you use to get the double layer disc to fit on a single layer disc? (If this is what you did.)

Hmm, I can get 2h 15min movie on one DVD-R without quality problems or “artifacts”.
Using DVDFab and CloneDVD… :smiley:

thanks for the replys so far. well i can think of 4 movies that its done it on, 2 of them fitted straight on no compression but im still using instantcopy’s process to convert them into pdi’s for DVD decrypter to burn, as i don;t like nero. the other 2 were about 75 and 85%.

when you lot are using your progs to compress the movies, do you carry on doing other stuff on your pc’s? could thi be the prob as i carry on browsing internet, transferring files about while the compression is in progress??

i like instantcopy but it taxes me pc to max. :cool: :wink:

Someone reporting artifacts here as well.

I have a similar problem with discs written in 4x. I don’t get the artifacts but the freezes and stuff. Since my Ltd-165H plays them flawlessly, I suppose it is the stand alone player that doesn’t like the faster written discs. 2x discs are fine btw.


ok update on this artifacts prob. i’ve just gone thru all the discs i’ve done recently and now even the ones that played are all freezing up with artifacts allover. you reckon it might be something to do with a dirty laser in the player??

also thought id add that the discs play fine in me xbox. the prob with my dvd player seems to happen more as you skip thru the chapters. if you just let the disc run its not half as bad. as soon as i skip chapters the picture gos allover the shop.

Try it in one more player. If it’s fine on that one then blame your player, it wouldn’t be the fist time it’s happened.

well i think ive sorted me own prob. thanks for all the replys anyway. i think its down to how hot the dvd player is. its been sat on top of a 600 watt surround amp and after feeling the bottom of the player it was hot. ive put the dvd player underneath now and left it a bit and the discs now seem ok. doh. this would prob explain why they go funny after about 30mins as the heat gets into the player.