LiteOn 411S - 811S Mod Speed Problems

Not sure how many people on here are familiar with or have doe the mod that makes a 411S model to a 811S model using hacked firmware but i did it to my burner. I got some 8X memorex media the other day from Best Buy and when my burner was still the 411S model (4X top speed burner) the media would max out at 2X. I thaugh it might do this cuz i didnt have an 8X burner so i modded it to the 811S (8X top speed burner) and it still only will burn at a max speed of 2X. Any one else experience problems with memorex 8X DVD-R media on other burner models or do u think i might have just got a bad batch of media

I have the same problem with memorex 8x media it sees it as 2x I have not used any firware hacks it sees 4x tdk media as 2x as well thier curent firware udate does not help at all. what do they mean by media match it sure does not watch any of the speeds. I just want to write at 4x it fast enough for me. I currently use Maxell 4x and
it works grt it also works with cheap dvd-r 4x media from frys. I like to see a list of Compatible dvd-r media for this burner.

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Memorex are the best proven media, we here at CD Freaks (All us mods and admins" have throughly TESTED this media and it is our personal favorite.

That should fix your problem, we CD Freaks are always glad to help.


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