Liteon 4111



I am having problems with my liteon 4111 drive it copied fine at first i used dvd shrink to put it on hard drive and nero express to burn, all of a sudden it will only burn to about 8% and then fails i have a stack of coasters, can anyone please help



we can try if you can give more info

  1. what software are you using to burn
  2. what is the error you get
  3. what media are you using
  4. how long ago did it work
  5. what changes have been made to the system since then? new antivirus, driver changes, software updates, different media?

start there and we will see what we can do for you


firstly thanks for the reply

1 burning with nero but am getting dvd x copy plat this week

2 i have attached the error messages

  1. dvd shrink on windows xp home sddition

4 it worked three weeks ago

5 i have added avg antivirus free addition and done a complete system re boot on my pc and have just updated nero 6.1 sweet to the latest version from there site

also if anyone could send me a basic instruction on shrinking with dvd shrink and burning with nero it would be great

anthing that helps would be much apprecated and thanks for your time and knowledge


the site has a guide on how to use dvd shrink.
try downloading the older version of dvd shrink 3.0 beta 5 seems to work the best. a lot of people have problems with the later version. update your nero burn to the latest version which i think now is

why buy dvd x copy when dvd shrink is free and easy to use. dvd x copy is not the best software to use in burning dvds. there are other programs to use besides dvd shrink such as dvd decrypter that is a ripping and burning program.
it burns ISO images. if the movie is a single layer dvd then, you can rip it in ISO mode & burn it using just that one program. if dual layer dvd use dvd decypter to rip in file mode then compress with dvd2one or use dvd shrink then burn with nero. although dvd2one isn’t free. dvd shrink and dvd decrypter are easy programs to use. i wouldn’t waste money on dvd x copy. that’s just my opinion.:slight_smile:


i would actually try removing avg once and see if that is any part of the issue also.

and the error msgs are not attached from what i can see.