Liteon 411-S Problems!


Very new at this DVD Burning process. Anyway here is my question. I am burning with 123 copy (DVD Xcopy Express). I have no difficulty at all burning (using DVD-R), however it will not play in my DVD player, but it will play on my computer. So I thought I was using the wrong disk (GQ 4.7 GB DVD-R). I took a blank copy over my friends house and burned the same movie on the same disk. BINGO, it works in my DVD player. So I figured out that my DVD player will play the GQ DVD-R. But I am wondering why my burner is different and wont let me play after I complete a burn. Any suggestions? Maybe try a different DVD-R or try DVD+R? Not sure…


Try different media first (GQ is crap media) then try in different standalones to see if works ok-


Thanks… Will do