LITEON 40x32x12 CDR-W as good as it's Brother

I was just wondering if the LITEON 40x32x12 CDR-W is as good as it’s 24x brother, with regards to reading and writing (cloneCD etc).


Yes, it supports everything as the 24X…but is it worth paying more for it? You won’t save many seconds. on a full CD the average speed for the 24X is 22,8X and for the 32X it’s 26,2X. But that’s only on a full CD., less data you write less time you’ll save. has a review(32X CD-RW roundup).

And there may also be problems with certain CD-R disc brands…don’t know yet as I don’t have the drive and then can’t test.

I feel that this one fits better in the Lite-on forum so maybe that is the place where it belongs?

Your right, there’s no point in spending the extra $$$$.
Thanks OC-Freak