LiteOn 40x12x40 USB2 troubles

hello, hope someone can help me with this new drive :slight_smile:

it’s a Lite-ON external 40x12x40, hooked up to a generic USB2 PCI card. however, i’ve tried using it under both Windows 2000 and Win98, with no luck. Under 2000, the drives install OK but there is a exclamation mark next to “USB Mass Storage Device” in device manager, and i get the message that the device cannot start. Under Win98, i installed the adapter cable driver fine, but again there’s an exclamation mark next to the “TPP adapter” in device manager.

is there something i’m missing? the drive has power, and every so often it spins up, with the green light flashing - but i can’t get windows to actually pick up the drive. could it be a faulty unit?

any help will be much appreciated! :slight_smile:


First unplug the drive and remove the drivers from the windows device manager. They are generic windows drivers and don’t work.

Stick the Lite-On cable floppy disk in the drive.

Then explore the cd.
Where the 3 .inf files are, you need to Right click each one and select install.

Then you restart and plug the drive into the USB.

(I have virtually every single external Lite-On burner returned at our store cos people can’t follow simple instructions, even after I explain to them that the instructions in the manual don’t work)

well, thanks for the tip, i’ll try it when i get home :slight_smile:

and i did read the instructions - both the quick start sheet and the pdf manual on the disc, but they weren’t terribly clear. just said that the drive should be detected automatically, though cable drivers were needed for win98. but i may have missed something - cheers anyway…

i tried your suggestions, but unfortunately the problem is still the same :frowning: tried installing all 3 tpp* inf files, which didn’t work, and then installing the other inf files in the same folder, still no joy.

does anyone have any more suggestions? i apologise if this is a really stupid query, but i honestly have no idea why it isn’t working.


The other peculiarity I noticed is that the 24x USB drive tends to like being turned on before being plugged in to the USB port.
(Hmm, no simiarly intended)

Plug the adapter cable into the USB first.

You need to turn the actual drive on, and then plug in the adapter cable in to the drive. Strange.

this isn’t a usb problem of my liteon 40x12x40, but it may be related.

anyway, my problem is this. i bought a writer yesterday (lite-on 40x/12/40 external). i tested burning at different speeds (12x, 24x, 40x) using an imation cdr (compatible up to 48x). much to my surprise, every burning process i did took 11mins and 30 secs (3 mins for reading, 8 mins for writing). i did Cd-to-cd (i copied a vcd).

i thought the faster the writing speed the shorter the burning process.

i have a usb 2.0 pci card to maximize the speed of the writer, and am using nero software.

does anyone have any answers?

if i burned mp3s, would it have different burning times (if i burn at 12x, 24x, and 40x)? or it would also be 11 mins 30 secs?