Liteon 40x write quality

i noticed an article that says the write quality on the liteon drives is a a little high with errors on certain media. has this been fixed with the newer firmwares? (article was on another site i can post if thats okay and will not piss anyone off)

reason being is im wanted to buy one of these in the next few weeks!


ps how is this tested? what program? i want to know how good my current burner is! :wink:

You can do some tests with Nero CD-Speed’s scandisc function to get an idea on how good the quality is.

The write quality is acceptable as long as you use high quality media (Taiyo yuden 40X, mitsui and a few other brands).

The problem is those crap cheapo brands that you could get everywhere, they will not always have perfect quality when written at high speeds. (To name some brands that may have problems: Fornet international, CMC magnetics, multimedia masters & machinery, discs with ID not allowed ATIP, and a lot of other noname cheapo brands.)

Actually my TDK CMC magnetics CD-R’s have been fairing much better than Mitsui discs. I seem to get alot of errors on the branded 24x Mitsui discs. Maybe I just got a bad batch, I dont know.

i use verbatim data life plus 100pk spindles ( the new ones… wish i could get some of the old REAL blue ones again they were the best for price and quality) and tdk data 50 pk spindles.

i currently use them on a plextor 8x and they work great. im hoping they will work good on my lite on i get. and btw the article was at and how did they get those c1 and c2 error graphs? is there a program that does that? if so i would like to get it to know what errors my current drive is making and the lite on when i get it.

cdrinfo write tests with c1 error graphs

im wondering this because they said the disc is hard to read and slower when it gets those c1 and c2 errors and ive been burning some vcd and svcd that do not read well and wonder if it was the media or the drive… the tdk are the worse and the verbatims are better BUT the CHEAP verbatim datalife (data saver) spindle they had a month ago worsed the best with vcd but suck with data. its the cheap looking light green dye (like memorex, etc…)

so if u could put some soluntions as to why cheap cd work better with vcd and bad with data and good cd work bad with vcd and good with data! CraZy i know but ive gone through 1 50pk tdk 2 100 pk cheap verabtim and 75 % of 100pk new okay verbatim


I do not think CD-RW drives can report back C1 Errors I know they can report C2. I think they use some type of analyser to get the number of C1 errors.

so is there a program that will read them on cd-rom or dvd?

or they used a special piece of hardware?

You need special equipment(hardware and programs) to do c1 error tests.

c2 errors could be reported by most drives if you use the scandisc function in Nero CD-Speed.