Liteon 40x shows read speed as 12x



My Liteon 40x using Nero Info tool but also on NTI software shows a read speed of 12x. Of course, it is supposed to have a read speed of 48x. What is this all about?:confused:


Nero InfoTool is very buggy, it said my 32x coudn’t read CDRW and that my writespeed was 24x. So don’t trust InfoTool.

I guess InfoTool and NTI uses the same source for their information, but you’re not to worry, cause your 40x does read at 48x. Easy to test with Nero CD-Speed anyways…


Yep, that’s what I did, went to Speed test which read 48x read speed and after that I went back to Info Tools and it shows (I guess temporarily) that the Liteon reads at 48x).:cool: