Liteon 40x Mt Ranier support

Latest firmware supports Mt Ranier on 40x drives

This is not new. Only the 40125W, an older drive, has lacked MRW with the stock firmware.


not really, i just bought recently bought the s model from Dell (good sale deal) and it came stock suppported with P-cav and Mt. Rainer.

Mount Rainier is a mountain just South of Seattle. It has snow on the top all year around. Many climb it. Some die on it trying to reach the top. On a clear day I can see it as I drive down I-405 to work. It is a beautiful sight.

The name of that mountain is spelled with two I’s, RAINIER. In French, it is pronounced, Rain Yeah. In English it is pronounced, Ray Near. But it is spelled the same in either language.

Since this is a new technology that will appear in all new drives, it might be nice to spell it correctly. Mount Rainier with two i’s.


Mt. Rainier