Liteon 40x drive NOT reading full speed

Above is a 4x rated imation TY cdr.

Based on the snapshot, it looks like the read speed is capped at 16x. Any idea why the speed is capped that way? CD speed is set to run at max speed.

The cdr is a QUALITY cdr, but it won’t let me read it at even a standard 32x!


My old Mitsumi drive used to have a speed cap for reading mode 2 CDRs, but it would max out on mode 1. It also slowed things down when reading CDRW discs.

I’d be really surprised if this is Lite On drives can’t read mode 2 without a speed cap! I wonder what’s going on!!! I’ll have to check my shiny, new 48125S now! :confused:

BTW, silly question - but you don’t have Drivespeed active, do you? :cop:

i had a problem with my ltr40125s, which couldn’t read faster than 12.
The problem only appeared when I had burned the disc with nero and checked verify. Then it burnt the disc, ejects and reloads the disc and does the verification. The disc isn’t ejected after that.
So when I run CDSpeed directly after that the limit is 12x (wow, almost no noise at those speeds) so I have to eject the disc and load it again to get higher than 12x
This only happens directly after burn (as described above)


Enable DMA for the Lite-on.

problem fixed after fw upgrade to zs0p.

You edited your post and removed the connection mode results. You then reported that a firmware update fixed the problem. This is not true. The problem was fixed because the firmware update caused the drive to be redetected, and DMA operation was restored.

In the Device Manager view that you deleted, the DVD-ROM was operating in UDMA mode 4. The burner was operating in PIO mode, which was causing your problem.

WinXP sometimes spontaneously disables DMA for a drive and reverts to PIO mode. The workaround for this issue is to remove the IDE channel to which the drive is connected to and reboot. The IDE channel and burner will be redetected at system startup and usually DMA operation will be restored.

This problem may repeat, and if it does, follow the workaround above. :slight_smile: