Liteon 401s Where do i go from here

It’s nearly two months since i aquired the Liteon 401 DVD+R/RW writer. This writer came with ESOG firmware and
after installation i started to backup my movie collection,and all
seemed very well with no coasters for the first twenty backups.
The media i’ve been using is RITEK 4x (purple). Now recently
i’m getting quite a few coasters nothing systemwise has changed,
and i’m using the same software that initially game me success.
I decided to try TDK 4X +R to see if the problem was a bad batch
of the RITEK discs, but these too gave me some coasters.
Now should i send the receipt for all the coasters i’ve made
This has lead me to believe that luck was on my side when i backed up successfully my first twenty movies.
I’m willing to put up with the current firmware for another week or so and if no new firmware is forthcoming to sortout these
media issues, then i will have to convert my 401>411(reluctanly
i might add).
I cannot be spending £29 inv VAT for spindle of 25 discs and only
get the benefits of maybe a third or less!?!
Come on LITEON get your fingers out and give the customers
what they paid for a WRITER that works!!!
I’m glad that i’ve got this off my chest so bye for now.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Without seeing error scans of the “coasters”, nobody can really comment much on the nature of your problem. But both the media types you mention are known to have variable quality, so it’s just as likely that the media is at fault, not the drive. True, LiteOn may be able to improve the situation with firmware tweaks, but that doesn’t change the fact that the media may be the source of the problem.
No drive comes with a guarantee to work well with all media. Especially if the media keeps changing.


im with you about the errors scans but the media issues is totaly different with +R

but not with media sorry :slight_smile:

its either ricoh, MMC or TY.

ricoh is almost everybrand and in every store

MMC is hard to find as it is only verbatim datalife plus and only can get that online or in places like SAMS Club or Cosco

TY is verbatim DLP and only can get from or a few online sites.

online sources are hard to buy from because they are not alway truthful at where its made or do not want to check. so its a hit or miss to get the media you want

and cost is another thing… most of the MMC or TY is in jewel cases only!
so its way more expensive!

-R on the other hand has almost 10-20 different brands of media

im not trying to make you mad just trying to let you know that telling 401s users its a media problem is not helping them if they can not find any other media than ricoh easily

someone in another thread sugessted that when they put their 401s on a power cable and it was the only drive on that cable that they got better burns…
im not sure if this is true… sound kinda out there but i know how frustrating it can be trying to figure this out… i burned almost $50 in test media and coasters! its not fun!

next do some scans in kprobe with the recommended settings and if you getting bad scans then …

RMA or exchange your drive…

could be a bad drive…

I do understand the media situation with +R, obviously, as I’ve bought all of it. :wink: But that doesn’t change the fact that Ricoh is quite variable in quality, ranging from great to utter crap. I’ve had examples of each variation here. I also agree that the 401 needs an update to handle the Ricoh better. If and when that occurs, it wil handle the variability a bit better too.
As far as we know, the Ritek 4x media is much the same thing. I’ll finally have some here tomorrow for testing.

My best suggestion is to avoid the 4x media and stick with 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00), it’s far better and quite consistant in quality. It’s also widely available. Burning the 4x at 2.4x is one possible solution, but it’s still inferior to the 2.4x media even then. Intertestingly, my own 401 will burn the RICOHJPNR00 better at 4x than the RICOHJPNR01.

ive found that my 401s burns RICOHJPNR01 better at 4x than at 2.4x!


okay i stated that wrong…
you understand the media issue but…
not all of us have the money to go out and buy every brand of dvd+r…
that is what i think the problem is…
and that many of us assumed that dvd+r burning would be like cdr burning and that since it had been out a while we could buy any brand ( or the same cdr brands we use) and went out and bought huge bulk packs of 100-200 dvd+r and now stuck with it and no money to spend on the other media and at this point
and why bother?! its all RICOH!


Actually it’s all Ritek, but that’s another topic.
and I don’t buy all of it either. :wink:
Just opened a fresh batch of Ricoh 01, and it’s completely different again. (better than the previous batch) Posted comparison scans on the Pioneer and the 411S HERE

wow i really need to put some scans up on the dvd media forum because i have burned a few lately and they are really good! SUPRISED ME!

better than some of the ones u have there


off topic sorry…