Liteon 401s@811s -> want to switch back to 401s .. how?

i bought a 401s and flashed it to a 811s … at this moment i really have trouble writing DVD’s … it gives error’s @ about 96 or 97% of the DVD while reading back…

how can i flash it back to my old 401s? i deleted my epprom (yeah i know!)

i hope this flash will solve the problem

please give me a guide for how to flash back and a link to the epromm and firmware.
hope this will solve my problem

tnx for your time

Since 401S firmwares do not contain any kind of checks on the EEPROM you can simply flash back to LDW-401S firmware either by using a binary firmware with LtnFW or by patching the Flash tool with FlashFix. I doubt that this will solve your problem though, your error sounds like a media issue.

hmm … strange … i use verbatims DVD’s … normally i used a pack 5 with case … and trouble started when i switched to verbatims on a spindle … could that be the problem?


Update to HS0Q.

oeps… help

just flashed using :

but now my device doesnt work anymore … light keeps on flashing … can read DVD’s
bios and windows still know it … just cant use it

any ideas?

PM me…

woei … it was my EPPROM that was a bit wrong … zebra gave me a new one … loaded it into my drive … and just burned and tested my 100%-error free DVD

dont need to switch back to 401 after all … will test some more

tnx zebra And dhc014

the people on this forum are just too darn nice.

What EEPROM file did you get? I too get the orange light after flashing to the latest firmware.

again… PM me…

hello , can you send me a eprom to?

I am having the same problem, zebra, you’ve got pm–please help :confused:

Zebra, same problem here as well. I sent you a PM. Please help me out!

Please check your PM inboxes. :slight_smile:

Hi DHC014,
I was just wondering why you recommended the HS0Q? Is it better than the HS0R? I also have the 811S and flashed to HS0R a little while ago.

I have a Lite-On DVD+RW (I think is LDW-401k) and flash to LDW-411S using omniPatch. While I’m try burning Data disc using SONIC software at 4x speed also got error on disc verification about 80% something… any solution? It waste me a lot DVD-/+R… :frowning: