LiteOn 401s@811s & this media

I know I should do a search, but I was hoping for a quick and reasonable answer.
Is this media OK with this the drive I have? (Firmware HSOK).

Amazon is having this sale and I’m not sure how long it will last. So I was looking to see if it was worth it.

Amazon has some deals on Ridata (aka Ritek) DVD+R/-R media. Buy $25+ for free shipping.

25pk 4x DVD+R $14
25pk 4x DVD-R $14
25pk 8x DVD+R $17
25pk 4x DVD+RW $17.50
25pk 4x DVD+RW $17.50

Some review on Amazon claims that it is :
Ritek Ridata G04 4x DVD-R (w/ purple dye bottom)


Ritek? :Z

Well, it could be worse, I guess. Get the +R. That seems to be better than their -R. Should be fine with the drive, I think. But LiteOn’s quality and reliability has been falling, so it’s hard to say.

Did you actually mean Ritek? Your statement doesn’t fit the subj drive anyway…

Thanks guys.
If these are risky for the 401s@811s, then what media would be a better bet.