Liteon 401S/411S/811S?



Which firmware is better for the 401S@411S@811S either at a state of 401/411/811? I am selling my 401S and was wondering with what firmware to sell it with so that my buyer will have the least problems. Should I leave it at stock 401S or 411S or 811S, and I am going to tell him to burn everything at 4x max to be safe with all the media types out there.



Load it with HS0K. Then they have the choose of 4x, 6x or 8x +R. This firmware might not have the media selection of HS0R but it has proven to be one of the better firmware’s for the 811S. :wink:


Thanks for the reply. I already installed the HSOK and now its ready to sell.



Does HSOK improve DVD ripping speeds or just DVD writing speeds?

Also, can any 401s be upgraded with HSOK firmware troublefree?


I am using the FS0K F/W for my Liteon 411S. When I use a Memorex 8x DVD the only choice I get to burn it at is 2x. I am using Nero No problem burning 4x DVD’s at 4x. Any help is appreciated.


I originally ran into trouble w/ the 8x’s as well (they wrote @ 2.4x), I found the firmware update helped. Try the “+r’s” instead of “-r’s”, would be my first guess.


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Glad to hear you have fixed your problem with the upgrade. Look forward to seeing you around…

in addition to comic_collectr’s post, FS0K is getting quite old now and does not support a lot of the newer 8x media, so the drive uses the default 2x/2.4x strategy. Unfortunately there is no later firmware for your drive, so your only option is to use the [thread=114269]MCSE tool[/thread] to change an existing media code to the media you have and then use OmniPatcher to swap the strategy to one that works with you media.


NEVER MIND…I am presently burning a memorex 8x CD at 4x speed. Before the hack I would only be able to burn at 2x.

I got a copy of FS0K.bin…modifed CMC MAG. AF1 to CMC MAG. AE1. Using your MCSE tool, GENIUS, PURE GENIUS!!! Saved it. Used the windows F/W burning tool (got the MS error report just left it there) set it to update and I am now done.

Just tested the newly burned DVD…it works!!!

Is there any thing bad about changing the image to CMC MAG. AE1, will another DVD I put in there someday, not work?


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