Liteon 40125W



When my PC is started, the Red LED on the burner stays on. I have not upgraded the firmware or modified it in any way. If I reboot the PC the light stays off this time.
I use Win XP Pro
Writer is on the Second IDE port set as master with nothing else on this cable.
DMA is enabled.
Does any one have an idea why this might be happening?
Also, using the Nero CD Speed test I can't understand why the full seek times are so slow as my 24x liteon is better. I ran this test 4 times and this one was the fastest.

Seek times
Random 87 ms
1/3 Seek 94 ms
Full 1452 ms

Seek times
Random 89 ms
1/3 Seek 106 ms
Full 160 ms

Thanks in advance for any help.


i dont no why your full seek times are bad hmmm

i just did a test with a 40125W oc 48125W

Random :88
1/3 :94
Full :164

those are my times ?

hmmm did you cheak if dma is on ?


i just did another test ,

Random :84
1/3 :97
Full :165

Both test i had loads a stuff running in the back ground

  • i had windows media player running and playing a song :stuck_out_tongue:
    IE was open

hmm all i can think of is , Is your dma activated ?


Yes, DMA is enabled and it is Ultra DMA Mode 2.