LiteOn 40125W problems

Well basically my problem is that i cant burn a cd without the buffer under run protection kicking in under Clone CD and Nero where as all the other copy progs such as blindwrite cd-mate etc. dont even start to write on the cd they just come up with some error. The cdrw is on its own channel and so is the HDD. In the siside utility it says that both the HDD and the cdrw are running under DMA mode. Any suggestions as to how to fix this problem or should i just RMA the drive. Im running Win2K and have the latest aspi layer installed.

Disable any apps running in the background and check other threads in the forum for info about ASPI.

I would think it’s rather a Computer problem than a drive problem.

SiS ide drivers? Many Non-MS IDE drivers is very buggy!!! I try to stick to those included with the operating system as much as possible.