LiteOn 40125W & Mt Rainier

I am definitely a Newbie to this forum, any help will be appreciated. I have a 40125W with Firmware WS05. I have no Mt Rainier support. I know how Mt works but it does not work on this drive. I have Nero and InCD 3.24.3. Nero utilities reports no Mt Rainier support. I also tested it with Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum, DirectCD and still no support for Mt Rainier.:confused:

That’s because the drive has no Mt. Rainier support yet…

Thanks Eluder. However all the documentation states that it does have Mt Rainier support and emails with Liteonit support said it should work, but it does not. I think you may be right that my drive does not have what ever it takes to run Mr Rainer, but it should. still:confused:

Well, from what I’ve read here is it does not have Mt. Rainier support. Heck my 40125W doesn’t have it, but honestly, I could care less as I don’t really know what it is, and if it’s something about using a CD-RW via Windows Explorer as a HD, I really could care less! :smiley:

There are others around who know a lot more, but this is what I read in other threads.
The 40x (both S and W? dont know) were advertised to be MR ‘compatable’.
Both were not in the beginning.
The W firmware (ws05) doesnt support MR.
The latest S version (k version) does support MR.
I originally had the 40125W and flashed it first to the ZS0K (40 speed with MR) and after that to VS06 (48 speed with MR).
So I advise you to read all other threads about it and “upgrade” to 48x.

A small note: InCD from Nero does not make MRWdiscs, but UDF package discs (hmm, someone has to fill me in which package writters software do support MRW).

Thanks guys, I am really getting:confused: about this Mt. Rainier support on the 40125W. I know what it is designed to do and I know that the review on this site said in their test that it worked good, I really think that my firmware update to the WS05 is what got me into trouble. I was willing to try what you said ArnieNFW, but could not install “40125S not found”, I have the 40125W. I have asked liteonit support if there is an update to WS05, but have not received an answer yet.

For changing your drive version,you can’t use a windows flasher…read the sticky threads about overclocking and how to use mtkflash and .bin firmware…you’ll soon know how to get your drive supporting mount rainier…:wink:

Originally posted by ArnieNFW
A small note: InCD from Nero does not make MRWdiscs, but UDF package discs (hmm, someone has to fill me in which package writters software do support MRW).


I have to disagree with you here, Nero’s InCD v3.31 coupled with Nero’s EasyWriteRead does provide you with Mount Rainier CD-MRW support.

I’ve tested it with my LiteOn LTR-48125W and it took about 15 seconds to format a blank CD-RW…there is an option with InCD if you want to format as CD-MRW.

Cheerz :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Thanks Roadworker, that is the info that I was looking for.

KennyC, I agree with you, my problem is that my drive does not support Mt Rainier so I don’t see the check block about the MRW (Mt. Rainier) in InCD as you do. Also I see that you have a 48125 drive with VS02 Firmware installed. I have 40125 drive with WS05 Firmware. Thanks, you have helped me better understand my problem.

Thanks everyone for the help, now all I have to do is read and hope I can make the necessary changes. The more I look into my problem the more sure I am that my problem is the Firmware. Why Liteonit does not recognize the problem I don’t understand.


Of course it’s the firmware, Lite-On hasn’t implemented Mt. Rainier in any of the firmware revisions for the 40125W. Bug em about it if you really need it… :slight_smile:

Eluder, you may be right, but this is what I got from liteOn support on July 10th.

"Dear Brian,

I have double check with the WS05 firmware with InCD 3.24.3 has no problem using the MT. Rainier function.

Lite-on Tech Support"

I would like to hear from anyone that has a 40125W with WS05 firmware and has Mount Rainier Support.

Bej, Eluder already answered to your question, LTN 40125W does (yet ) not have MT.Rainier support, if u so bad need it FLASH your drive to S LTN or oc to 48125W (rocks! )

Agghhh. i better keep my mouth shut when I’m not absolutely sure about something…

The problem is that there just isnt any documentation about MRW on the nero site.

Anyway… whats your oppinion about MRW vs “The Other” (is it officially called UDF?).

I -long ago- used the package writter that came with WinOnCD (3.7). And I lost a lot of files. Terrible.
MRW should be a lot better, isnt it?

Thanks to OC-Freak and this forum I now have Mount Rainier Support on my drive. I used OC-Freak’s “tricks” and flashed my drive to 48125W all worked as stated. InCD now shows Mount Rainier support and it works fine.

ArnieNFW, the reason I like Mount Rainier rather than
PacketCD, is first it is much faster, with PacketCD you have to format first and it takes a long time, whereas with Mount Rainier it formats in the background. Second with Mount Rainier it has physical defect management by the drive which is easier and faster, than UDF which is in the software. With Mount Rainier you can read the disks though most drives. I am almost certain that Mount Rainier will be in the next release of Windows. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

argh! when i use the nero info tool to check my 40125w it says no MT RAINER!!! is this normal?


Originally posted by shuebhussain
argh! when i use the nero info tool to check my 40125w it says no MT RAINER!!! is this normal?

shuebhussain, that is what I found out and with the help of this forum I have corrected. Liteonit will tell you that Mount Rainier is supported in 40125W with firmware WS05, but as you have found out it is not. If you follow the advise of this forum and use OC-Freask’s overclocking “tricks” you can flash your drive to 48125 with firmware VS04 or VS02 if you prefer. It is simple and works great. OC-Freask’s has done us a great servie.

u mean that if i flash to the 48x version, i will have mt rainer incorporated in windows??

shuebhussain,That is right. Use mtkflash to flash to vso4 or vso2. After you do that, when you go to InCD you will see that you now have 48125W, with VS04 or VS02 which ever you installed with Mount Rainier (MRW) support. Mount Rainier will now work as it should.