Liteon 40125w Firmware

Don’t suppose anyone has the firmware for a 40125w drive version WS04 in either mkflash BIN?

for some reason a mate used the Liteon Flasher Proggy to flash to WS05 and its set it to 24x or at least thats what the Nero Proggy says…

look here


maybe it lowered tha writing speed of disk that are not certified for higher speeds to make sure write quality will be good :slight_smile:

oc-freak had 5s03 firmware if u want that :slight_smile: check his firmware page

Yep the 40125W does reduce it’s speed with lower grade discs to make sure the write accurs error free. Mine has been doing it automatically in all the F/W’s I’ve used (these being; WS01, WS03 & now when using WS05).

Don’t worry about it just buy better discs :slight_smile:

Insert a disc that is supports writing at 40X before you start the program and 40X recording will be shown.