Liteon 40125W & Cdrwin 3.9a + some other questions

To anyone who’s using this cdr burning proggie with the above writer, I need some advice.

  1. Is cdrwin intelligent enough to burn a cdr which is not rated at 40x? Unlike Nero which supports Liteon’s built in smartburn technology, does cdrwin know how to adjust the speed based on the quality of the media?

  2. Currently, before the release of the P-CAV firmware, what is the writing method used for the last firmware release? (Z-CLV/CLV/CAV)

  3. Ok, another very obvious bug I came across for liteon writers. Why is it after I do a max burn using cdrwin. The next time I switch to Nero, it displays the max writing speed at 32x. When this happens, other cdr programs follow suit. Like DJ.

Thanks for any comments you might offer in advance.


  1. Don’t know, I don’t have 3.9a.
  2. It was Z-CLV
  3. Don’t know…

bump :slight_smile: