LiteOn 40125S

Hi guys,

I just have a simple question (i hope) to ask you, i currently have a LiteOn 40125S Cd Burner and i would like to overclock it from 40x12x48 to 48x12x48 i think to do this i need to flash my burner with the 48125S or W? Also which version should i use? I am using Windows XP on my computer so i cant make a boot disk for it to use MTKFLASH, to use it i would have to install it using the disks i have for MSDOS 6. So i would like to use “Firmware Flashing Tool v1.0.0” would this be alright? Is there any other specific thing i need to do?

Thanks fLaR3 :slight_smile:

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The FW the drive should be flashed with in DOS is VS0D.bin.
The rest can be found in [COLOR=RoyalBlue]The Big Lite-On FAQ[/COLOR]

thnx BoSkin it worked :slight_smile: