Liteon 40125s

i have a lite on 40125s this drive now apears to have lost is firmware or i think so it shows up as standard cd rom in bios my writing software no longer sees it windows device maneger reports drive as a lin ltn lt 125s 125s zs if any one could help
thankyou in advance

Use MTK WinFlash to flash it with a binary firmware to fix it.

i have tried the mtk winflash as you have sugested but it still remains the same lin ltn lt 125s 125s 2s this would not be so annoying if i had tried to flash the drive but i have not
if it helps imm running
win xp pro sp1
soltek ka75v mainboard
atholon xp 2400
640 mb ram
maxtor 80gb hardrive
tia for any more help

maybe the ide cable isn’t plugged in properly.

that was the first thing i tried i have also now tried mtkflash but i think i may have a bad binnary file as it says err could not open file thanks for all your help