Liteon 40125S XSU1 firmware?

Has anyone seen this firmware ??

ArekZ at CDR Info PL’s forum (it’s Polish forum) has written that he has new Liteon 40125S with XSU1 firmware.

Does anyone know what is this firmware ? I have had it dumped to bin file and can send it to anyone who wants it. I can’t test it because I have 32123S. And I’m not sure if he should update it or not. ArekZ is not sure if he should update it to Z***, too.

Does anyone know something about this firmware ? Alexnoe ? Anyone ?

I’ll be away for some time but I’m gonna return in 24 h. If someone desperately wants this firmware earlier, he can drop me an e-mail.

CU tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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No one knows ?? :confused: :rolleyes: :confused:


  • LiteOns shipped with this firmware are bright white in color
  • Nero InfoTool says this firmware supports Mt. Rainier !


Could someone test this firmware with new Securom ? I don’t have such a game here.

C’mon, volunteer needed :stuck_out_tongue:

can you send me the bin firmware to please.
i have a 32123S

In de.comp.hardware.laufwerke.brenner, some has reported to have a X… firmware in his 40125S, but he has already reflashed and can’t remember the former one.

Trying to flash to 48125W resulted in the tray issue which you usually get if you try 32123S->40xxxx, while XS0X worked in that drive!

:confused: :confused:

Weird. :confused:

LiteOn making some savings ? Can it be series 3 chipset in these 40125s’ ?

I think I’ll try to flash my 32123S with XSU1. We’ll see. :wink:

Do that! And if you succeed: PM me!

:bigsmile: Hi it work. today i flashed it to the 40125s and it work now it write p-cav and support MT.Rainer. And my DVD-Reader hat no problems to read the CD.

“I am so happy”

And Maurius i thank you.

Can someone mail me this firmware please?

@ Maik : Glad it works. :slight_smile: But don’t forget to thank ArekZ, who had written about this firmware at’s forum and who has then dumped it and sent it to me. :slight_smile:

He doesn’t speak English so in this particular case I’m here only because he can’t.

I will try this firmware tommorow. :slight_smile: Sorry, Alex, I know you had to wait longer, but I had no time today. My friend is ill :frowning: :frowning:

More testers are welcome :slight_smile:

p.s. @ Max : firmware sent. :slight_smile:

p.p.s. @ Maik : cough it’s “Marius” :wink: cough

Thanx for the firmware, but how can i flash my drive and where can i get a tool to do that?
I use Windows XP, but have all windows versions…

ArekZ i thank too.:cool:

for more results go to:

worked great on my 32s

Can you please send me the XSU1 firmware, too?

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

There no reason which prevents you from going to the link Maik has pointed to!

I flashed my LTR-32123s (Made in May 2002) using the XSU1 firmware and I’m having no problems! No unusual sounds or bad burns, in fact, just like a new recorder. BTW, I first read about this firmware on the LiteOn discussion forum.

I’m happy that the drive uses P-CAV instead of Z-CLV. Much faster and more efficient. Also glad I’ve got Mount Rainier support.

Yes, P-CAV is really nice :smiley:

Does anyone have their orginal 32123S bin?

i flashed my 32123s with the xsu1 firmware. it works !!