Liteon 40125s works 32x ¿?

I just bought a Liteon 40132S and It gave me some problems:

It has conected in Promise ata 133 controller on IDE 2 channel (master), Nero crached with this combination but It reconized like 40x to write. I changed to IDE 1 channel (master) and Nero works fine but It reconized like 32x to write.

What’s happened?
What must I do?

(I have DMA enabled on both combinations)

Thank you very much
Best regards from Spain

The max write speed will vary by the media you insert or last inserted this is normal due to smartburn.

It’s probably best to keep it on a standard IDE port and not on a RAID card.

As for nero crashing have you tried reinstalling?

Thank you for the answer. I reinstalled Nero and updated with version. I know that the mdia is essencial, I had a lot of problems with verbatin but works fine with carbon media cds but with both upper velocity is 32x not 40x. Why?

Thank you again

1: keep CD-Devices on the main IDE controller, not on promise/highpoint controllers. (use those for harddrives)
2: SMART-BURN detects the quality of the media, if it detects the discs to 32X, only 32X will be shown in Nero. Try better media.