Liteon 40125S is it same hardware as 48125W

Do they use the same hardware and the only difference is firmware???

I am just a bit confused…as I understand it…5 = chipset…S=firmware…

are there 40125W drives???


There are 40125W drives in circulation.

The 32125W, 40125W and 48125W are in hardware exactly the same :cool:

So you can switch the firmwares, and by doing that, the speed (and extra functions) can increase, decrease.

You can upgrade the 40125S to 48125W with a firmware change right…so these should be the same hardware…if not why would the firmware upgrade work…

This page says that the 40125W and 40125S have the same Chipset, yes…

So the 40125W and S have the same chipset, but that is NOT also by the other drives.

for example: the 32125W and S have DIFFERENT chipsets :slight_smile:

I understand that…that is why I asked the hardware question…the hardware needs to be the same to upgrade…at least I would assume that to be necessary