LiteOn 40125S/DirectCD Question

I have a couple of TDK and Imation CDRs that I formatted and wrote files to using DirectCD on an old HP 4x CDRW drive and they were not closed/finalized.

Now, I have just recently within the last week upgraded to a new LiteOn 40125S CDRW drive with a ZS0N firmware and I have been unable to get this drive to read these discs so I can close them out to be read in any CD drive. I get the LiteOn flashing a green LED like it is trying to read the CDR and then an Windows error message saying “Error Drive E is not accessible”.

I’m using InstantWrite and I do not have DirectCD on my PC anymore because I was told that it wasn’t compatible with the LiteOn drives.

Can someone please let me know if there is a way to get these CDRs finalized using the LiteOn drive? If DirectCD cannot be used please give me some alternatives that will accomplish what I’m looking to do. Also, please let me know if I am mistaken in my thought that the LiteOn I have is not compatible with DirectCD because I’d like to use it if possible because I’m so familiar with it.

BTW, I am using Windows XP Pro. TIA.

Maybe at one time your drive wasn’t supported when it was very new. That is a common occurence when new drives are released before they provide burning software companies with all the documentation necessary to support their drives.

The Lite-on LTR-40125S is definitely compatible with and supported by DirectCD, as is the later LTR-48125W. The latest DirectCD update is included in the Easy CD 5.x.x Platinum to 5.3.1 SP4 Update. This is about a 18MB download.

Update to EZCD 5.10g or 5.10k.

It supports upto Lite-On 48x.

However, you will ony get max burning speed of 40x with this update.

This is not a problem to you as your burner is a 40x burner.

EZCD 5.10g or 5.10k are drive support patches only. In order for them to work EZCD 5.1 Platinum must be installed. EZCD 5.1 Platinum was a 13 MB download and is no longer available on the Roxio site.

The latest full update version has the most recent bug fixes, latest drive support for CD and DVD, and specific additional support for trouble free WinXP operation. It is a better choice.

Thanks Inertia. I installed the 5.3.1 SP4 update and it worked like a charm.