Liteon 40125S CLonecd Amplify Weak Sectors

I am in the midst of upgrading to a Liteon 40125s drive.
Previously, on my NEC 7800a, if i wanted to copy a Safedisk2 protected cd with clonecd, i would have to enable the “amplify weak sectors” option in clonecd4.

I have read that the Liteon 40125s is natively able to copy Safedisk2 disks.
Should i still enable AWS in clonecd4?
Will it make any difference one way or the other?

No do not enable with a Lite-On. AWS, and Lite-On drive = Coster

Thanks :slight_smile:

So this drive will automatically copy SD2 cd’s with cloned?

in a word. Yes, but if you are going to be running the game from the burnner you will have to use the Hide CDR media option however if ran from a standard cd-rom or dvd-rom drive this option is not needed.

Hide CDR media only has to be turned on when you have an atip check in the software.
Most sd2 discs don’t have this protection. As from sd2.51 sd uses this protection and even than not all discs have it.

But you can always make sure that the copy will work to enable the hide cdr media in CloneCd.
To know if there is a protection, you’ll only have to deselect the hide option and conclude that the game won’t run.