Liteon 40125s and cdrwin

My recorder is not recognized by CDRWIN…does anyone has this same problem…other programs don’t have this…


Make sure you have the newest versions from and it should work.

I have already the latest 4.0a…Maybe I should use the 3.8G instead?

Last update was 19. February…

Maybe LTR-40125S is not supported yet after all?

Hmz, lazy people at goldenhawk :stuck_out_tongue:


I had the same prob. with CdrWin 3.8g and 4.0a.
CdrWin 3.8 did not recognized my LiteOn 40125s
so I unistallrd 3.8g and installed 4.0a but
CdrWin 4.0a also did not recognized my drive.

The solution for me was, I unistalled all
" CD-Writing Progs. " ( CdrWin 3.8g/4.0a , Nero , CloneCd ).
Did a reboot and installed

  1. CdrWin 3.8g /4.0a ( If needed - reboot - )
  2. Nero ( If needed - reboot - )
    3 CloneCd ( If needed - reboot - )

and now all prgos. are working and CdrWin 3.8g/4.0a is
recognizing my LiteOn 40125s .

good luck hallo51

Thanx I will try it. The strange thing is however, that Goldenhawk confirmed me that the drive is not supported yet. This will be done within two weeks. Again thx for the nfo

The support webside of CdrWin / GoldenHawk
shows support for LiteOn.
I mean only LiteOn NO !!! Modellnumbers !!!
But it´s working i have burned about 5 or 6 CD with
CdrWin 4.0a and my LiteOn 40125s

Again good luck hallo51


try using fireburner, I am using this as a stop gap until the 40x liteon is supported, and i previously sent goldenhawke an email, and they replied saying the drive will be supported in a couple of weeks, although this was a couple of weeks ago.

I have the same problem with Creatives Playcentre 2 (Shipped with Audigy Card) It will not recognise my Lite-On 40125s other programes can burn with the lite-on no problems.