Liteon 40125S @ 48 or 52?


I speak and do not read English, I possede a liteon 40125s, I knew that one could the overclocker, in 48 and can - etre apres in 52, can give me myself the walking has to follow there detail? Thank you very much…:slight_smile:

You just need to flash your drive with firmware for an LTR-48125W to acquire 48X writing. Get it from

Maybe your translater works better if you write “être après”, not “etre apres” :slight_smile: I’ve tried some of these translators, and they dislike leaving out accents.

I Can Overclocked my Liteon 40X12X48(now is 48X12X48) to 48X24X48?

In original was 40125S, now is 48125W,can to run 48X24X48?

It’s Possible?:confused:


Originally posted by alexnoe

Tanks Alex.
Now I have Flashed VS08 Firmware (first was Vs06) and an Cd of 80 min is completed in 4:00.
Is more? :confused:

It should be possible in about 2:40. Is DMA enabled? Check the LiteOn FAQ to find out how to determine that.
Was your disc good for 48x writing?

The CD-R was 40X certificate.
Of 0% to 50% running with very speed…
To 50% to 100% Slowely…

Now Ceck in the Liteon Faq…Thanks! :wink: