Liteon 40125 Black Bezel

Does anyone know where I can buy a Liteon 40x burner with a black Bezel?


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Does anyone know where I can buy a Liteon 40x burner with a black Bezel?


To answer burnproofs question no I do not. But I do know if you decide you want black you can use a water-based paint to paint it. Just be careful when taking the bezel off your drive. This will most likely void any warranty you may get with a new drive.

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The Bezel is the plastic that you see on your cd drive.

Thanks, Hamster.

Would the water based paint be durable?

It would be durable enough for a drive but not like your case. Once it dries it’s as durable as any aresol paint.
If the surface is real smooth (like in the nooks and cranies around your eject button) you may want to sand with a scotchbrite pad to roughen it up a bit.
To prep the plastic you can use alcohol (not the kind you drink lol) let that air dry for a few minutes then paint away. Where I work we use a cup gun to apply the paint and that works great when your doing several hundred but just one you may want to try something different. Also while the curing of the paint is going on don’t touch it. Water based paint takes a little longer to cure than compared to an aresol paint. Try waiting a day or 2 before re-assembly.

Something you might look into is the paint that you use when you build model cars, planes,boats and whatever. That paint may or may not damage the plastic. You can find this stuff at any wal-mart and comes in a can.

I hope this helps and i have not confused you.

Thanks again, Hamster.

Sounds like too much trouble. Did check for a Litey Black. Only one store offered it (around $148!!!)

Maybe I’ll just buy a Teac 40x (The black is listed at $14 more than the beige/white)…

I have been looking at this a bit.

The bezel on the 32 and the 40 are identical, they would swap.

The black 32 drives are available at a good price.

I am thinking of swapping since I need to install one (a 32 is ok) for my sister.

If you are still after a black bezel they are available with a Lite-On part code of 18461

I have found them for sale at, who are UK based, for the princely sum of £2.34 inc taxes. Unfortunately they do not ship outside of the UK.

However, hopefully the Lite-On part code will help you find a supplier in your area who can help.

Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out.

Shipping outside the UK is not a problem. Some of my colleagues are there right now and they’ll get it for me. :slight_smile:

dell computers are selling systems with the black liteon writer in them contact dell direct and they should be able to help you

           cheers  spike

Thanks. I have the 32125W OC’ed to 48125W (VS02). I just want a black bezel. I went thru dabs, but they said it’s a bezel without a logo.

Thinking of painting the current bezel black and then get Liteon written on it in white…with 48 12 48 on it rather than 32 10 40.

I was just waiting for the 48 24 48 to see if that firmware can upgrade the 5 series chipset. Saves repainting if it’s possible to flash :stuck_out_tongue:


here you go, $ 85 :

and a pic :


Thanks. I have two Liteons now and a Yamaha. I certainly don’t need another Liteon. BTW, this post is pretty old and has been resurrected by a helpful soul.:smiley:

u r welcome ! btw, I remembered that post of yours about black bezel. So, it’s been weird seeing it again :confused:, you know what I mean ? :bigsmile:

  1. That would be a good idea if you could tell me if the painting was successful, all right ?

  2. Reg. Yamaha. It would be exciting to hear your opinion about your drive since I’m eagerly anticipating the CRW-F1’s release.

  3. Do you know what’s happened w all those funny moving avatars incl yours - the hammering head ? Why did they stop working ?

  4. Do you recall the jumper trick stuff ? So, the thing is that I do know at least 2 persons at this forum who have succeeded in reviving their former fried drives using the jumper. That’s KenL and me. I’ve just done it and the way is extremely simple !!!
    I’m gonna post about it some later. Hopefully this will be a useful instruction for many broken-hearted.


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  2. Sure. I’ll get it painted after the 48 24 48 firmware is available and tested on the 32125W… Perhaps a new thread.

  3. The Yamaha I have is a 8 8 24. But it is way ahead of the Liteons or the Plexy both in terms of build quality or write quality. Expensive drive though. Burnt over 1000 CDs so far and there has been no problem with even a single CD. Tried the Samsung 24x burner. But there were too many errors and about 30% became unreadable in a couple of months (Can’t be bad media since I use the same media on all burners). BTW, the Yamaha (at least the one I have) supports only horizontal loading, not vertical loading of CD-Rs. Maybe I’ll sell a Liteon and buy the new Yam.

  4. They stop moving if you disable “Play animations in web pages” option under Internet Explorer ->Tools->Internet Options ->Advanced ->Multimedia :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. There have been a few cases in the most recent posts where people say that their drives have the green LED on continuously or BIOS doesn’t recognise their drives etc. Maybe a similar jumper trick could help them…

Try PC Club I believe they have black face liteon cdrw


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  2. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. I’ll definitely buy the new Yamaha, 'cos I’m a music lover and burn lots of audio.

  4. I’ve checked it out - " Play animation in web pages " is still enabled. But it starts working again as soon as I switch off my firewall… for a while :wink: So, is it my settings there are to blame ?
    Well, at least I now can see all those animated smilies as well as your funny avatar :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: Oh, boy, that’s real cooooool !!!

Maybe a similar jumper trick could help them…

Absolutely. This one definitely will help to a lot of people.
Coming soon in a new thread …

Yo Burn,
try i know they advertise liteon Blk Bezel 32X!
(Yeah i know, too slow )