Liteon 401@811S quick question?



Okay I have the liteon 401@811S, but it is mainly used to kporbe scan and burn regular cd-r’s. My question is, should I use 401, 411, or 811 firmware to scan better results on the Ritek 8x R03? I don’t mind converting back to the 411 or 401 if necessary. I am currently using HSOR firmware.



Thanks guys for coming into here and viewing it at least, but I found the omipatcher site and I used that to see what happens.



I’d say 411S, though the latest firmwares for the drives should be similar.


Try 411 FS07.


Where can I get the FS07 firmware? Also who can possibly email me their EPROM from a 411S?



So whats up guys, no one has the FSO7 f/w and a 411S EEPROM they can send me?



The Eeprom have unique calibration data for each individual drive —> You can’t use the Eeprom from another drive and expect it to work :stuck_out_tongue: … because it would not work in almost every case… But, if you flash your drive with a 411S FW it should work with your patched 401S@811S Eeprom :slight_smile: . I’ve burned a DVD with a 401S firmware with my patched 401S@811S Eeprom and I got a good DVD-scan with KProbe… :wink:


Okay so where can I get the FSO7 firmware?




FS02 bin from


Thanks a lot for the quick reply. These R03 scans are driving me crazy.



You could also use XFlash-X from codeguys and extract fs07.bin from dr4fs07.exe

I have just done it.


Okay now I am having problems reverting back to 411S. The FS07 makes my drive flash orange after flashing, I tried the flash fix, didn’t work. Is there a specific way to revert back?



When the led is flashing orange you either have to enable crossflash to the firmware with omnipatcher, which is not supported with FS02/FS07, or to adapt your eeprom to match the 411 requirements.


You could try one off the earlier 811S firmware.