Liteon 401@811s problem

Hi guys, i know this is probaly the end of my burner, but i thought i would enquire anyways.

Sometime ago i got a liteon 401s, but was having problems with media etc etc. So i updated to a 811s. It worked great and has been for the past year. Cant say ive wrote lods of dvds, say 50-100. Anyways, now when i write a dvd the disc comes out with a scratch on it. usually right at the edge of the disc, which cause glitches when playing in dvd player, but pc reads it fine.
Is there anyway this can be fixed, or have i had my wack with this burner??

thankx in advance sasarchiver

I think you are in the wrong forum. But sounds like there is some kind of misaligned part that is scratching the disk surface. I would see if it can be RMA’d back to the supplier or manufacturer.

ive just noticed that ive posted in wrong forum, i was looking for the post in liteon but couldnt find it, cos its here lol sorry bout that…

ive had the burner for 2 years now or so, and it been patched to a 811 so i cant rma it :frowning:

Does the scratch only happen when recording? And is it only on DVDs? Or does it also scratch CDs?

it scratches cds just slightly, but more with dvds than anything else. isnt a big scratch, but is annouying and does cause playback problems on standalone…sasarchiver

Definitely sounds like something is out of alignment. Could be a small piece of plastic. You might want to try and blow some “canned air” inside the drive and see if that will dislodge whatever is causing the problem. Also take a good look at the tray itself and make sure nothing is sticking up from the bottom that could scratch the disks. Other than taking the unit apart, that’s about all I can offer.