Liteon 32x12x40,no support in ECDC

My 32x12x40 Liteon burner is showing up as unsupported in Easy CD creater 5 platinum even though their website says it is supported.
I’m using XP op system and have apllied the XP patch and 5.02b upgrade exactly as described with the rebooting after every stage.
Also apllied is the" recomended" XP windows update relating to burners .
The direct CD icon in the task bar shows up with a red circle and bar over it and the description “no supported drive”.
Am I missing something still ?
Anyone else found this problem?

Try the upgrade to version 5.1

Thanks OC ,version 5.1 was the solution.
I had downloaded this upgrade before but the install file that was saved had the same 5.02b name as the update I had earlier done so I thought I had waisted my time getting an upgrade I already had.Your reply prompted me to look a bit deeper and find they were in fact different versions with the same file name.