Liteon 32x12x40 burning coasters ...y



Hi all just got my new burner and wanted to make a copy of my audio cd, burning at full speed and end up with a coaster tried at 24,16 even 12 same result ,only at 8 speed did i have success, which is disapointing, Im useing win xp and 98 same result,nero is the program im using, even tried cd mate and clone cd same thing . the drives on my second ide as master ans my aopen as slave tried burning on the fly and hdd-cdr also. Could it be the media? Iv'e been using lazer gold ,media and tdk, and all have become coasters , am i destin to low speed or is there hope 4 me thanks for your input


Did you check if DMA is activated for your Recorder and your HDD?


are u using the latest version of nero?

i had one coaster that burnt perfectly…no errors… but now…no more… :smiley:
weird incident that had no logical explanation…:stuck_out_tongue:

u could try upgrading ur version of nero… defrag hhd… and make sure DMA is enabled (though PIO mode didnt affect my burning of CDs…)



I have the Litey 32x burner and it works like a champ. I have yet to burn a single coaster with the thing. I’ve used it with the latest Nero as well as EAC. No problems. You are using good media, no? Are you burning from an image file (recommended)? Make sure you have DMA working.