LiteOn 32x to 40x to?

Thanks to this fine forum I have flashed my 32x drive to a 40x! The question is, can I go to the LiteOn website and download their newest 40x firmware and still use it on my drive? Right now I’m still using this XSU1 that I overclocked it with, and now there is a ZSON. I downloaded it, but I’m waiting for an OK from you guys.

Well, I got up the nerve to just test it, and it says I don’t have the correct firmware installed right now. This would simply mean I have to use MDK I think, but the question still stands… Can I do this?

Image of error

No, it won’t work. XSU1 is the final firmware that your burner can use at this point.

If you try to flash it to ZS0N with MTKFlash, the burner won’t work, and you will have to flash it back to XSU1 to return it to operation.

If you read the sticky thread on overclocking, you can find this referenced.