LiteOn 32125W

I’m sure this thread has been posted a million times before. I read the “overclocking guide” but it was a bit confusing.
Can anyone tell me how to overclock my 32125W to a higher model in laymans terms?

I avoid flashing drives and therefore may not be the best person to reply but I will try to help out.
These are the methods that I know of. There may be more. I remember reading a few weeks back about another method that was still undergoing development.
Method 1. Liteons official firmware. Flashes from windows. Cannot upgrade to higher model. Cannot go back to older firmware once newer release is flashed.
Method 2. Flashfix. An application that patches the official Liteon Firmware utility. This removes the model string and therefore allows the firmware to flash any drive from windows. A 48X drive can be flashed with the patched official 52X firmware making it a 52X burner.
Method 3. Mktflash. Dos flash utility that uses a binary firmware file (freely available) rather than Liteon exe files. Can flash even rebadged liteon’s (Sony, Memorex etc) and flash any firmware. Even failed flash drives can be flashed and revived.