Liteon 32125W with ZS02

when i run cdspeed (nero) its maxing out at 32x again… but nero burned a disc at 40x… clonecd says 48x is the max… nero says 40… and cdspeed is maxing out at 32x ??? and i just burned a disc with clonecd selected at 48x… avaerga espeed 21.65 !!! i dont know what’s going on… i get this same problem with VS02 VS04 and ZS02 :frowning: i dont care if it works at 40x… just faster than 32x… and stable speeds all the time :frowning: can anyone help please ?

just did another test with cdspeed and it ran with P-CAV and went fine and maxed out at 40x… does the ZS02 make it a 40x or 48x ? im so confused i just want it to work and i cant seem to find anyone who has the same problem as me :frowning:

ZS0J makes it a 40x. But if your blank cd’s won’t run at 40x they won’t. It’s just that ZS0J is the most media friendly firmware for that series of writers yet. A lot of people have the same problem. Their media doesn’t support writing faster than 24x or 32x. It’s dependent on the quality of the blank media you use as well as the firmware. But no firmware will make bad media work at 40x or 48x. I hope this helps. :cool:

CloneCD will let you select any number to burn at. But will limit the speed by it’s own formula. It’s explained on their website. :cool:

hmm well i just went back to the original firmware… perhaps ill wait until 48x media is released… 32x is bloody fast anyways

Try using the same setup with CloneCD that you did in the first post of this thread with the original firmware. What speed does CloneCD run at then? :cool:

it gets to 32x at the end like its sposed too and tyhe disc has no errors… well minor ones <1% but the disc works a treat

Let’s assume that the limitation is the blank media. Try it with ZS0J firmware but select 32x as the speed. See if it gets to the end like it’s supposed to at 32x and see if it eliminates the few errors you have now. That’s usually what you get with ZS0J. More error free discs. And if you are lucky enough to buy some that will write at 40x, you’ll have it set up and ready to go. :cool: