Liteon 321240 small problem

Hi I am new to this forum and hopefully anyone can help me with my question.
I am running a {III, 192 mb and XP Pro, at first I was able to burn all my stuff iso and audio at 32X, however it changed to 24x.
How is that possible ? I didn’t change any settings.
the programs I use are Nero and Fireburner.
Thanx in advance for your answers.

what is your media rated at??

the lite-on 32x has a feature called smart burn. If I am correct about this (and I am sure that someone will corrcet me if I am wrong) reads the atip info on the cdr and sets the burn speed to what the bunner thinks is a safe recording speed for that media. this is just another way of trying to help prevent buffer under runs.

so you may want to make sure that your media can handle the 32x burn.