LiteOn 32123s

Why can’t I make a back up copy of my Windows 98 SE. My brother has a plextor and he can make a copy. I used both Nero and NTI Cd-Maker, and have updated my driver for the LiteOn.

Any suggestions??



suggestion #1 : ask your brother to make a copy for you then :bigsmile:

What did you do, btw ? Have you tried it with CloneCD ?

It gives me a read error. I tried to with the un the fly unchecked, and even used 1 drive…still didn’t help. I did have my brother make me a copy, but would like to make my own copies.

Any other suggestions? I will try Cd Clone…


I recommend lowering the read speed when creating an image of the Windows 98 cd this may fix the problem of bad sectors being burned / Read different lasers have different tolerences to Errors on the disc at high speed.

I tried to read at 4x. It’s weird, this is the only cd, that I have trouble backing up. I got my bro to make me a copy, I guess I should be satisfied…