Liteon 32123s VS Samsung SW-232B, I need help deciding

Hello all,

Sorry for the length of this post, but you should have all the details. Liteon 32123s VS Samsung SW-232B

I have one week to figure out what to do, I need help deciding. I’m selling my computer to a friend and trying to decide which CD-RW to bundle with the package. Which drive is best suited for the following computers?

The computer being sold:
FIC SD-11 mainboard
AMD Athlon 650
256MB PC100 ram
15GB 7200RPM 2MB drive
4MB AGP Sis Video Adapter

The computer I’m building for myself to replace the one above:
Asus K7V333-WR
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Corsair XMS 512MB 2700 DDR
Western Digital 80GB “special edition” 8MB buffer WD800JB
Western Digital 120GB 2MB buffer WD1200BB
LiteOn 16x DVD-ROM
ATi AIW 8500 128MB DDR

I currently have the Liteon 32123s and am very happy with it. It copies every cd I shoot at it, especially copy protected games. Also, I’ve been able to burn 90min/800MB disk with no problem.

I bought at Samsung SW-232B today and have been comparing the specs to the liteon. It has a larger buffer (8MB), and is capable of writing 99min/870MB disk, but I’ve seen here that it has trouble with some copy protected disk.

I REALLY want to burn 99min CDs, I like the 8MB buffer, but I’m nervous about not being able to backup copy protected CDs

So, if someone can tell me that the Liteon can burn 99min CDs, then I’ll keep the Liteon.

Also, does the buffer REALLY that important in an Athlon 2000+ based computer? I’m just trying to decide on which to keep for myself.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Buffer is real unimportant on drives with good Buffer-underrun protection. 2MB is enough for such a fast computer.

As for 99min, Lite-On homepage says that the LTR-32123S

Support Disc Format : CD/CD-R/CD-RW formats both 8cm & 12cm discs (up to 99 min)

Thank you for the info. Considering the Lite-On supports 99min CDRs, I’ll probably keep it, and put the Samsung in the computer I’m selling.

Let me ask you, if it were your decision, which burner would you keep for yourself? Note: I want it to last at least one year.


Hehe… Well, I would have to say I’d keep the Lite-On. :slight_smile:
Especially since my 32123S is still going strong…

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Yeah, Lite-On seemed to be the better drive, but needed someone else’s experienced opinion.

Thanks for everything. I will keep the Lite-On.


Originally posted by rvnelson
[B]Yeah, Lite-On seemed to be the better drive, but needed someone else’s experienced opinion.

Thanks for everything. I will keep the Lite-On.

Ran [/B]

if you sell your LITE-ON i want it!!! that’s my answer in your question my friend who need the Samsung any way…:cool:

6 weeks ago, I paid $79 + CA Tax for the Lite-On, and if I choose to sell it, I would want to recover as much of the cost as possible. The only reason I would consider selling it is because I want the Lite-On 40x with the black bezel.

So, all that said, how much recovery are you offering for it?