Liteon 32123s problem with writing


i got a problem with my liteon 32123s writer. after upgrading my firmware to xsox my writer only writes at 8x speed. i have the options in nero,cdrwin to write upto 32x but the cds get wasted if i write with speed more than 8x. i trid with 10x,12x,16x,20x,24x,32x. but i get write error. can i revert back to my original firmware. i donno wat firmware will be good?
can any one please tell me wat software to use to revert back to original firmware other than mktflash as i am afraid to use that


This is because windows hasnt update the drive hardware section. YOu have to delte the CD drive in the Hardware manager and then redetect it by restarting computer. This should fix your problem there is nothing wrong with the firmware.