Liteon 32123s burning wav probs

I have a problem, perhaps you might know where I could get some advice on it?
with ref to recording music CD
I had a Hewlett Packard 9100 and a 9300, and when I burned music with those cd writers, the music cd worked fine in my in_car cd player, well most of the time at least.
But now I have a Liteon 32123s, and I Burn cd’s the same way and they won’t work on the in car cd player, but work fine on the home Hi Fi system and computer?
I burn them now with the latest Nero and Winoncd and Easy CD creator. but with no luck.
I use Mirror CD’s and a few branded?

Please help!!!

Pals08609 (really Paul)
Liteon 32123s

I think this has nothing to do with writer but with CD-R medium or combination with writing speed.

I had HP7200 and every CD (not every CD brand) I made with this writer is playing wel in my Sony car player. Also, I made a couple audio CD with LTR-32123s on 16-speed and these CD’s are playing wel too.


Noted whats you said.
exactly what cd’s should I burn with?

Maybe you just want to try to update the firmware. A new one has been released a few days ago which should support more media. And use the latest Version of Nero Burning ROM, for me it is simply the best burning proggie ever.

Good luck !


Preferrably not those that you get for near free after several rabates.

Pretty good brands:
Mitsui toatsu
Brands manufactured by prodisc (smartbuy, some intenso, and a lot of others).
Brands manufactured by ritek (some memorex, traxdata, some TDK and lots of others).
Tayio Yuden

This Disc is designed for CD-RW/COMBO Drive Only.
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Phthalocyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 28s 26f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = KingPro
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 32X

Octron is the brand name .

Probably from some cheap factory using multimedia masters & machinery manufacturing equipment.

Definitively not the highest quality

some car player is unable to read audio cd created at higher speed (maybe problem to focusing the pit)
try to reduce the writing speed to minimum.

Thanxs Every body for your replys,
I have tried all the suggestions so far with no luck.
I was wondering if I used Silver/Silver to burn wav files onto cd would that help? because the record manufacturers use silver/silver.
(I think. Well they look silver both sides?)
I have not got silver/silver cd yet, and wondered if somebody has tried them? and exactly what brand of silver/silver they used?

Somebody mentioned that with the true silver cd, you could not see what you had burn onto the medium, might that be why the manufactured music cd work better in the in-car cd player?