Liteon 32123s 32x burns fast

You know how some people say that the LITE-ON 32123S doesnt burn that fast, like it burns a little faster than a 24X. Well i think thats true becuase when i burn full data CDs i burn them in 4:50 seconds or something like that, while 32Xs are supose to burn in 3 min. Well today i tried burning MP3s to make a music CD, and i filled the CD up to the second, and i burnt it in 3:11. Can someone explain this? maybe there can be some kind of patch that allows data CDs to be burnt that fast…

Most likely you used a brand of CD-R disks that allowed 32X recording and in the other case you used a brand that was limited to 24X or something.

Here is a clip from my review of it: Write tests

For a full 80 min CD it used 3mins and 45seconds when writing data.

wtf, how come the website burns at 3:45 and i burn in almost 5?

i use philips multi purpose 80min cds that support 32x, and i use nero to burn cds.

Philips don’t produce the discs theirself. So they may come from different manufacturers. The first thing that I would have tried was other discs.

You was writing from the hartddrive and not on the fly from a CD-ROM, right?

yup from HD, is it because i got winxp maybe, maybe i should disable something in winxp?