Liteon 32 * Design

Firstly I’m very impressed with my Liteon 32 * drive and especially for the price (£60), however its bage and dam ugaly I think and I was wondering if anyone knew any ideas of improving its apearance. I know the following will sound a mad idea and I sure its a crazy idea, but dont other brands sell rebranded liteon drives with different face plates etc… so might it be possible to replace the front of the liteon so that it ruins the apearance of my PC. Dont get me wrong its not a major problem to me although it does disapoint me from what is an other wise perfect product. And I’m not alone a friend who has also recerntly brought the drive comment to me on how ugaly and cheep he though it looked, so prehaps at least a redesign is requiree on the part of liteon.


Try the Liteon web site. It’s got the their logos in the download section.

There are guides about how to mod your CDRW floating around on the internet… Remember it’s on your own risk!

I’d like to have a Lite-On logo on my drive too, to show myself as a proud Lite-on owner! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Replys. Could you post/email me with some links to these mods sites as I cant really find much about cdrw only mainly case mods.


Well, I meant case mod’s to hide your cdrw… Sorry for the confusion… :o

jaimemitch, grab some paint, a paintbrush, some glue, some coloured paper, and let your imagination RUN WILD!!! In fact, don’t just sop there either, after making the Liteon look a million bucks you may want to do the same to the case, keyboard, monitor, and mouse. You could go that extra step further and give the room a really nice face-lift too… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? The Liteon is ugly? What do you want it to look like… Pamela Anderson perhaps?

Like the nice 8* white cdrw that it replaced which was actually designed so that it didnt look cheep and tacky. OK its a minor point and theres obversly no easy solution so I’ll guess I’ll forget the idea. Thanks for the info anyways.