Liteon 2H 2002 roadmap - Don't drool on your desk

I just posted the article Liteon 2H 2002 roadmap - Don’t drool on your desk.

Stevem posted a roadmap of upcoming Lite-On drives on our forum, some of the models might already been known, but stevem posted some other details with it.

It seems that like all other…

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Oh so fast :slight_smile: …but for the price, does anyone need to burn that fast? :9

When I talked to Lite-On last week they said their 52x writer would have 24x rewriting speeds. I think 32x rewriting is a ways off.

The last diget on all those models is a 6. Does that mean 60x read ? :slight_smile:

Nope… it uses a 6th generation MediaTek chipset.

I’m waiting for a Lite-On DVD-R/RW burner…