Liteon 24x write problems


I have had constant problems with write problems with my lite on 24x. Its really weird I could copy Ghost Recon (SafeDisc V2 with overburn) and it worked fine. I tried a simpler game (Command and Conquer, Safedisc + overburn and I couldnt write it. I have tried like 10 diffrent types of cds. Defraged my Pc. The burner is on IDE2 all by itself. Iam running Windows ME. Then I tried copying a simple music cd but it gave me a write error. Its always a MEDIUM write error if that makes any diffrence. I will do ANYTHING to get this to stop giving me write errors. Any suggestions will help. Thank You.

Well it kind of sounds like the burner is new, if this is the case take it back to the store and get a new one. I have had my 24102b for 3 or 5 months now and i have not had any coasters. I love my burner. I have copied every protection known with it. Before you bring it back make sure to upgrade the fireware on it just to see if this helps. you can get the firmware at

Good luck, you can email me if you need any furture help burning with the Liteon

Many have fixed this problem by upgrading to the newest firmware so I recommend to try that. Have you tried 24X certified media?

And why overburn? I’ve never seen any games that needs more than standard 80min CD’s so I recommend using 80min CD’s instead of trying to overburn on 74min CD’s.

Is it the same in every program? Make sure you have the newest versions of the programs.

If nothing of this help I suspect your drive to be defective, take it back and get a brand new one.