Liteon 24x Vs Liteon 52x Worth the Upgrade?

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone out there would reccommend upgrading from a Lite-on 24102B to a new 52x speed model. I’m not fussed about the speed so much but more on whether the actual 52x drive is better at copying today’s games and blitzing through the copy protections. The cost of a new 52X Lite-on drive is around £45 at my local computer fair so with the relative low cost in mind, is it worth it?

SG :confused:

Yes it’s worth the upgrade!


Totally. You’ll be drooling over what it can do.

I have it and although I haven’t had a previous version I have absolutely have no problems with it. I made numerous copies of protected games for friends cause their burners suck and can’t handle new protections.

Simply put I think its amazing.

Ooh yeah! Read alexnoe’s review off the front page it’s :cool:

Definately worth the upgrade. I also hear that modern LiteON burners are much better at reading audio protections than older models.

Ok thanks everyone. I think you’ve all convinced me. Shame I have to wait till next weekend before I can get one! :a