Liteon 24x drive

I just want to know if anyone has liteon 24x cdrw drive. If so how good is it, is it a piece of sh*t or half way decent ? And which model is better ?

Please only reply if you have or used liteon 24x cdrw

you can read a review

Or you can check our own review… since u are already on the CD Freaks site:

Compared to the plextor 24x…

I purchased the Lite-On 24x about three weeks ago and I love it. This machine can copy almost anything with no problem. I would recomend this drive over a Plex any day. IMHO it is one of the best drives out right now.

Ok, thanks for all your help. Im upgrading from a sony 12x (way over priced). I would also like to know how compatible this drive is with different brand cdrs, and slower speed cdrs ?? I seen some reviews and liteon is right up there with the plextor, so im not going to spend no $150+ for a plextor when i can get liteon, same speed, In my opinion i think as long as it gets the job done then its alright :slight_smile: Ok ill buy one tonight on the internet, or tommarow at my local store. Bye


hope this drive does you nothing
but good

I own one for less than a week and so far very happy. Ive got 2 - 4 1/2 min burns depending on size and I also selected Lite-On for these reasons.

  1. Price
  2. Nice reviews. Comparable to Plextor
  3. Plextor bbs users seem to have more problems then Lite-On
  4. Lite-On bbs users seem to get more replys per thread post.

Buy it!!