Liteon 24102B

I have a Abit KG7 mainboard wit a xp 1600+ processor and have been trying to get the Liteon to work for me but the nearest thing to working is that I can get it to write but it can`t read what it have been writing. So I have been searching for clues all over the web and seen for example a lot of guys with same problem on the Liteons discussion board. And it seems to be a problem with the compability with the Abit mainboard or VIA.
So please if anyone of you guys have a Liteon 24102B with Abit and Athlon processor and working fine so could you please send a reply of what kind of setup you have so that I could just compare to all of my hard tries. Thanks !!! :confused: :confused:

no probs here have a asus a7v with via chipset

Head on over here to this lite-on only forum you should be able to find some help and answers. One thing I have seen on these boards is not to plug in the digital sound stick to analog.

Hope this helps good luck