LiteOn 24102B Safedisc reading speed


can someone of the LiteOn owners tell me how long it takes to read a Safedisc-protected CD with the LiteOn 24102B?
Or generally spoken how fast can it handle Bad Sectors?
I ask this because I am going to buy a new burner. My choice will be either the Plextor or the LiteOn. Because the LiteOn is much cheaper I’ll give it a chance. ( If it performs well )…



get the liteon it can copy the new version of SD2 which the plextor cant

It uses around 7-8minutes to read a CD protected with SD/SD2. Not bad at all, but compared to plextors 5-6 minutes it’s a bit worse.

And yes, the lite-on 24X can backup the new SD 2 version 2.51.xx while the Plextor 24 can’t :smiley: