Liteon 24102b p-cav?

nero cd speed has reported p-cav writing for my 24102b
liteon web site states zone-clv
anyone know what’s up

btw. 5s54 firmware

CD-Speed is buggy. I can’t imagine the 2B to support P-CAV…
Or did maybe you tested the read speed…?

what is the best prog. then:confused:

DMA is enabled for the drive?

Here is a shot showing how the writing curve should be when you use media that it will write at 24X: Picture

OC-Freak, how would the abscense of DMA affect CD-Speed to show “better” values then regularly…?
Cause P-CAV is faster than Z-CLV right…?

Or have I gotten this all wrong…
How does the curve look like woodypb?

With DMA disabled the drive’s writing speed may be limited so that it shows up as a P-CAV drive (but of course not reacing 24X writing).

I do not know how to post a picture on this page so I posted a picture as an attachment to the administrator if someone could tell me how to post I would for all to see

btw. O C freaks I turned off dma but still the same result p-cav

my 24102B shows z-clv:confused:
i’d like to know how to post picture too…i dont know how to use my web space but i do have some[my isp= BT] - i think i need to upload the .jpg file to a web folder. right/wrong?

You must store the image on a fileserver yes (else vbulletin can’t access it :)) and then just use the IMG button and paste your URL there.

Note that IMG code is not enabled in all forums.


:confused: that went straight over my head. maybe i should have posted this in the newbie section:confused: